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What Men Want In A Relationship – What Men Look For In A Woman

To many women, men are a mystery in terms of what they want in a relationship and what men look for in a woman. Men are not naturally born to communicate their emotions like a woman can. They tend to bottle things up and keep much of it hidden, this can make sorting through issues and resolving problems in a relationship rather difficult. It may also mean, your man may not be communicating in the manner you want him to, therefore his ACTIONS are going to confuse you.   What Men Want In A Relationship   The truth is men are extremely simple. They only want ONE important thing in a relationship and ONE...
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Steps to Get Back Together With Your Ex Quickly

If you’re thinking about steps to get back together with your ex, or the possibility of getting back together, be weary of heading down a rocky road to begin with. Things may have cooled since the break up, and now you’re itching to find out whether a reunion is still indeed possible. Sure, you may have said some things you didn’t mean, and perhaps you’ve changed for the better and want your ex back; how do they feel about you now? And if chances are looking grim, is it still implausible that you’ll get back together in the future?   Honestly, this is a hard question to answer considering I don’t know...
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How Do You Get Back The Trust – And Save Your Relationship

The most common reason relationships end is due to a lack of trust.   A relationship built up of accumulated lies, no matter how small will eventually weigh the relationship down and into a black hole – you have to make some changes to save your relationship. Each new lie manifests the next one and sooner or later, you will be jumping to conclusions and filling your head with imagined scenarios of what they’re trying to cover up for. This will be insulting to your partner and a lot of reasons why they would leave. Regaining trust takes time and a lot of it comes down to your personal...
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Top 10 Ways to Fail to Get Your Ex Back

Why do some relationships fail despite how hard one couple might try? You might be aware why your relationship didn’t pan out so well; it might be an argument, an affair, a misunderstanding or a lack of trust and appreciation. You might be worried you’ll make more mistakes so you might not take action at all to get your ex back. Here are the Top 10 things that might be stopping you from getting your ex back.   10. Are you taking it seriously?   If you want your lover back, you need to be committed. You need a plan you can follow seriously. If you doubt yourself, if you think you can get your ex back...
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FREE VIDEO – How to Get Your Girlfriend Back – What Women Want & How to Give It To Them

What Women Want & How to Give It To Them   is really different to what we want – you should be aware of this on your Odyssey trying to get your girlfriend back.   One short example: One day I went shopping with my girl – she wanted a summer skirt We left at nine in the morning, visited a dozen shops and came home with a pair of shoes a bra and a pair of stockings -at 7 in the evening – NO skirt.   The next week I went for a business suit and a few shirts I left at eleven, went to ONE SHOP and was back home for Lunch with 1 suit, 2 pairs of extra trousers, 5 shirts, 5 pairs of...
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