Just Break Up? – First Ex Back Tips

These first steps after a break up, are to help you regain control of a situation where you might initially feel helpless. They will also put you out of dealing any additional harm to your relationship by acting on mere emotions and panic. This period is important and you should embrace it without fear of losing your ex in any way.

Give yourself space to heal after a break up

It’s important to accept and even welcome the pain that comes after a break up. You need to let your emotions out and it is recommended to do it alone. It’s absolutely normal and healthy to feel this way. You will feel better after a few days of crying and mourning, just make sure you let your emotions out in a safe and healthy way.

Minimize all contact

In fact it is highly recommended to adhere to the no contact rule. This means no communication with your ex at all. Unfortunately this is easier said than done in 90% of the cases. What you need to be aware of is the more you stay in contact with your ex the more likely they will want to ‘remain’ this way. This is not where you want to stay, unless you want to be seen as a ‘friend’ only.

Let go of any negative emotions

This could be anger towards yourself or anger towards your ex. You need to let go of any bitterness or resentment over anything related to the break up or relationship in order to step forward and move in a new direction. You will feel a huge weight removed from you if you truly allow yourself to let go and make peace with yourself.

Get your head on straight

Once you’re more settled emotionally, get a notebook and write down what exactly went wrong with the relationship. A good tip is to start writing and continue to write as thoughts come to you. This isn’t meant to be read by anyone. Just write everything down and don’t hold anything back. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to see the situation a little clearer.

Steps To Getting Your Ex Back

It’s very likely you’re already at this stage of your break up – when you miss your ex like crazy and can’t think of anything else except getting them back.

Before you should do anything however, there’s a few things you must be aware of.

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