Hi, I’m Andy – ‘TheTechie’ as my friends say,

some others (-my non friends) also call me

‘TheBadAss’ I think reality is somewhere in between.


Below I’ll show you why I’m the ‘Expert to ask’ about

the ‘ getting your Ex back  ‘ – stuff , but let’s have a look at…

…the facts first:

  • I’m a tech-addict ’59-er
  • Fixing Computers since ’81
  • Managing Networks since ’91
  • Building Websites for small Biz since ’06
  • …and for my own since ’09

Nowadays I’m building (- and sometimes also selling -) Affiliate-Sites to brush up my retirement-payments and allow me to have more holidays than in the past – though I was traveling a lot, it was always for work.


Working online gives me the independence

to work

whenever and wherever I want.


The Idea for this ‘How to Get Your Ex Back’ – Site

was brought to me, when one of my friends’ wife had left him after 27 years.

He was desperate to get her back – even though I couldn’t understand why, he asked us on our ‘mens evening’ if anyone of us had experience in getting an Ex back – or at least knew some resources where he could get information or advice – means he was totally lost.

As a ‘techie’, I offered to do some online research and promised to look for the best I could get – what else could I do to help one of my best friends ?

When googling ‘how to get your ex back’ I had 750+ million results – I had to find the needle in the haystack – as I couldn’t check them all (Reputation,Reviews,Forums,…), I used a different approach to get the best results fast – the marketer-style which means:

  1. login to my 6 digital merchants accounts
  2. search for related products
  3. rise the price point to cut out the cheap stuff
  4. close – out all without affiliate resources / info
  5. sort them by the number of refunds (ascending)
  6. bookmark the first 3 links
  7. done – with 18 results for further ‘inspection’
  8. send 18 mails with the same 3 questions to their support
  9. check the first 6 that respond in depth

This gave me the TOP 3 ‘How to Get Your Ex Back’ (after a week of work)

– products, that – in my opinion – would be well worth to promote – without even looking at their prices or commissions they pay.

My approach was to find good information and advice to help a friend – which was very happy with it as it worked out well at the end – she’s back.

Whenever others asked him how he managed getting his Ex back, he mailed them the links I gave him and one day he asked me if I did get some commission out of that – NO – not yet – but an Idea was born – one week later this Website was online

I hope it helps YOU on your way getting your ex back too


P.S.: Even though I have no clue about ‘ getting your Ex back ‘, and personally wouldn’t even want or try to – my research technique  ‘Marketers-Style’ was able to burn down a haystack of thousands of products to 3 acupuncture needles that cure a problem.