The Get Your Ex Back First Aid Box

Every break up means pain, you’re helpless, stumped, hurt

– we all went through that, you’re no exception – time heals

– and yes there are:


Ways to Get Your Ex Back


But to prevent you from adding more harm to your relationship

follow these 6 simple steps first:


1. Give yourself space to heal after a break up

  • Take yourself some time to realize what happened and why
  • You both need to cool down first


2. NO drinks, No drugs – they can’t help getting your ex back

  • They lead you to doing weird things
  • Your head needs to stay clear


3. Minimize all contact – don’t try to get your Ex back

  • Don’t text or call your Ex every 10 minutes
  • It takes just a new Sim, and you’re gone forever


4. Let go of any negative emotions

  • Think about your good times
  • Compare your ‘Life-Plans’ do they still match?


5. Get your head on straight

  • Realize what went wrong
  • Find out, what needs to be changed


6. Plan steps To Getting Your Ex Back

  • Learn more about relationships
  • Get the best advice on ‘How to Get Your Ex back‘ you can afford


Before, you should do anything, however there’s a few things you must be aware of.


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