What Men Want In A Relationship – What Men Look For In A Woman

To many women, men are a mystery in terms of what they want in a relationship and what men look for in a woman. Men are not naturally born to communicate their emotions like a woman can.

They tend to bottle things up and keep much of it hidden, this can make sorting through issues and resolving problems in a relationship rather difficult. It may also mean, your man may not be communicating in the manner you want him to, therefore his ACTIONS are going to confuse you.


What Men Want In A Relationship


The truth is men are extremely simple. They only want ONE important thing in a relationship and ONE kind of woman.

This may shock you but it’s something bigger than the need to be appreciated, admired or loved more by their woman.

The number one thing men need in a relationship … is to BE A MAN.

A man is someone admired for his MASCULINITY – when he knows he can protect and provide for his family and/or keep his woman happy!

They want to be or at least want to give off the “appearance” that they are the “alpha” male of the relationship.

This simple concept eludes women because most women “don’t get it” or can’t “relate”. So women tend to want to make their man into a woman by treating them like one.


What Men Look For In A Woman


So what do men look for in a woman?

Here’s what a guy DON’T want:


  • Clingy, needy women.
  • Women who offers no SECURITY in the relationship.
  • Women who doesn’t SUPPORT their man.


Clingy women are one of the worst because this will cause a man to feel restricted in what he can do. Caging a man up won’t make him feel masculine or like a man. Don’t try to have your man on a short leash, eventually he will lash out and leave.

A women who offers no security is one that is inconsistent with her actions. Women who say one thing, do another. Cheat. Make and then break promises. Is just not plain unreliable in a relationship or is just drifting through life. A man needs to know his woman will be loyal to him and him only. That she can be depended upon and her actions will be consistent. Insecure women bring out the insecurity in the men and this will also make them leave.

Support is very important for a man. They need confirmation every now and then that you’re on their side, and you support them no matter what they choose to do. If it’s sport they like, but it’s something you hate, they’d MUCH appreciate it if you would go to ONE sports game with him or even just listen to him talk about sport. Men really love it when they see their woman putting in an effort to make them happy.


If these are the things men DON’T want, what is it a man look for in a woman?


Quite simply the opposite… “A strong independent woman, who is secure in herself and in her relationship. Someone who SUPPORTS her man and appreciates his masculinity.”


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