What Women Truly Want In A Man – Not A Nice Guy?

Being a woman, I think a lot of women don’t really even know how to answer this question. They know what they like and don’t like but sometimes those things contradict each other.

Here’s an interesting insight –

“What Women Truly Want in a Man and What

They’re Attracted to, Are Two Different Things.”

Women think they want a guy who has a good sense of humor, loving, thoughtful etc, but oddly enough more often then not, the nice guy usually ends up being only a “friend”. There is no real ATTRACTION.

I know a lot of men who are trapped with this “nice guy” image that they can’t seem to shake. It’s like a curse.

All it really comes down to though is confidence in ATTRACTING women and NOT befriending women. Clearly the two are different.

Women look at men differently to men when they look at women. Generally men considers all female companions as a possible candidate in bed. Women however, DON’T think this way.

They think they’re either “attracted” or “not attracted”. But attraction can be created even if visually a man does not appeal to a woman.


Once the initial “looks” factor fade, women will look for these things in a man:


  1. Security – is he able to offer security, whether financially or emotionally?
  2. Connection – is a connection deeper than LUST there?
  3. Do you have common interests/passions? Does your beliefs and morals line up?
  4. Attraction – is he confident?
  5. Is he secure about who he is?
  6. Does he “lead” while you’re out in a public place?
  7. Intimacy – is he affectionate? Is he selfish in bed? Is he too clingy?


Women may be more attracted to confident men, however what they truly want is a guy who is secure within himself and has the ability to step up and be HER MAN in the relationship.

A good man is someone who will protect and die for his woman, someone who aims to always make her happy even when she IS happy. Someone who is constantly striving for a better relationship.

She does not want a guy who gets lazy and stops trying to woo her anymore. She also doesn’t want a guy who is insecure and clingy all the time.


What Women Truly Want in a Man

– She Needs A REAL MAN!


For men, a part from learning how to “pick up” women, you need to know what KEEPS a woman around. Picking up women by playing games and not being yourself is a surefire way to lose every girl you DO pick up. Always remain true to yourself and be honest with your woman.

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From the Author of The Ex Recovery System – Ashley Kay herself



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